The Survation Panel offers valuable feedback on the most pressing social, legal, commercial, governmental and ethical questions of our time. Engaging opinion to inform the future, we add credibility to research for people and organisations.

Our panel draws from a diverse range of people across the world. By focusing on the best user experience our panel achieves a high level of engagement. This makes our research far more efficient and, in turn, more accurate than other panels

Helping Brands

The Survation Panel provides high quality feedback to brands. This helps you make better, more informed decisions with our accurate and authentic public opinion research. Our expertise ensures that your corporate decisions come backed with

We have worked with a wide range of clients from all sectors and sizes carrying out online research. Whether you need to survey a nationally representative sample or a demographic sub-group we can help.

As the people-first panel, the Survation Panel is an accessible user-focused community. We pride ourselves on empowering and amplifying individual voices. By joining us in our research you can help influence the decisions that shape society

Each survey you complete on our panel earns you points that can used for rewards. By providing important feedback to organisations about public views you also become a force for positive change.